The Migration series of darkroom silver prints began during a residency in Paris at École du Breuil d’Horticulture, where I examined the intertwined history of human and plant migrations. After collecting plant cuttings from gardeners, I then dipped them into porcelain slip and fired them in a kiln documenting the plants existence. Only an internal imprint of the form could be seen in the translucent porcelain when held to the light. After returning to Chicago, from memory I painted a migration color onto the photograms of the porcelain botanicals referencing the place and color surrounding the lifeforms previous habitat and history. With this work I suggest to the viewer to consider the fragility and tenacity of natures links, recognizing its ever-changing beauty, interconnectedness and importance in taking steps to preserve it.

Migration | silverprint, paint, light, porcelain and graphite 

Above: one of a kind silverprint on darkroom cotton paper, site-specific paint and graphite, 16x12 inches, 2017-2020

Below: photosensitive silverprint darkroom cotton paper, site-specific paint and graphite, 12x9 inches, 2017-2020