Migration Series | Photograms of porcelain botanicals | Silverprint, graphite and site specific pigments 

Porcelain Landscape | Hyde Park Art Center | 

Fugitive Narratives Exhibition | Sculpture, Drawing & Silverprints

Remembering Sophia's Garden | kiln fired porcelain botanicals &

porcelain slip | window installation | Ignition Project Space


Unknown Rituals | Porcelain Sculptures

Specimen 1128

Muséum National d'Historie Naturelle Paris | Artist Residency 

Specimen Series | Drawings

Reading about Rhododendrons | Hyde Park Art Center |

Community Artist in Residence

Land Mass Rehearsal film: Sculpture & Sound Capture: Christine Forni, Director: James Forni,

Concept & Movement: Kristina Isabelle, Movement: Angela Luem, Aaliyah Christina, Liz Conway,

Precious Jennings, Megan Schneeberger, Kellyn Jackson and Sound: Wilson Tanner Smith


Hyde Park Art Center | Front and Center Exhibition

Sculptures | Drawings | Paintings

Conversations Between Charcoal & Graphite | Drawings

Rockford Art Museum Biennale | Silhouettes Series | Sculpture, Aquatint Etching and Paintings

SuspendedSculpture Drawing.5.jpg

Thought Flow | Chicago Sculpture Biennale International | Evanston Art Center | Drawings and Sculpture

Seductive Materials Exhibition |

Pyrite Sculpture


Rockford Art Museum Biennale | Sculpture

Coral Forest.sc_edited.jpg

Constructal Law | Sculpture and Painting

Museo Franz Mayer, Mexico City | La Frontera | Metalsmithing Wearable Sculpture

© Christine Forni